Our mission is to create a facility large enough to accommodate animals not just of Lyon County but the surrounding counties as well. We will make every attempt to never turn away any animal. We also wish to incorporate this facility with organizations such as CASA, targeted to assisting abandoned or abused children, providing, not only a type of therapy facility for dogs and cats, but also a place where children are helped to recover some of their ability to bond and improve their self esteem. Northern Nevada Regional Animal Center (NNRAC)'s goal is to create a shelter that helps animals and owners become a good match. We want this center to be for people and pets of the community. Our future expectations include an educational center for pet owners that will help them understand their pets and help eliminate old habits and prevent new ones from forming. Our goal is to have an animal behavior specialist available to make sure that bad behaviors are not repeated with new family members. We want to create forever homes for our animals and reduce the amount of frustration and the number of returned pets to the shelter. We believe this center will have a positive affect on the community as well as all individuals involved.

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Contribuited by Paula Richards


From dogs and cats to sheep grazing on the lawn animals have long been part of life at the White House, but the early twentieth century saw the two largest and most varied critter populations.

Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) and his family had a collection of the feathered and furred which included: dogs, cats, a pony, guinea pigs, a pig, chickens, a badger, a rat and a Macaw. Amongst them was Slippers, a six toed diva of a cat who would sleep

on the floor during banquets refusing to move for mere humans.

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Another eclectic menagerie in the executive mansion resided with Calvin Coolidge(1923-1929) and his family. The Coolidge companions included various birds, cats, dogs, Rock Bass in the tub, ducklings, a raccoon named Rebecca and the even more exotic like William Johnson Hippopotamus, a gift from the people of Liberia, who resided at the National Zoo for over thirty years.

Timmy the cat allowed the family canary to nap between his paws while Tige enjoyed roaming the White House draped around the president's neck, a position which Rebecca the raccoon later took over.

Though most of us will never have such eclectic menageries, we would agree with first lady Grace Coolidge: "I am unable to understand how anyone can get along without some sort of pet."