Our mission is to create a facility large enough to accommodate animals not just of Lyon County but the surrounding counties as well. We will make every attempt to never turn away any animal. We also wish to incorporate this facility with organizations such as CASA, targeted to assisting abandoned or abused children, providing, not only a type of therapy facility for dogs and cats, but also a place where children are helped to recover some of their ability to bond and improve their self esteem. Northern Nevada Regional Animal Center (NNRAC)'s goal is to create a shelter that helps animals and owners become a good match. We want this center to be for people and pets of the community. Our future expectations include an educational center for pet owners that will help them understand their pets and help eliminate old habits and prevent new ones from forming. Our goal is to have an animal behavior specialist available to make sure that bad behaviors are not repeated with new family members. We want to create forever homes for our animals and reduce the amount of frustration and the number of returned pets to the shelter. We believe this center will have a positive affect on the community as well as all individuals involved.

Adoptable Animals

Adopting a companion

SallyKA2At the Northern Nevada Regional Animal Center we are determined to prevent our adopted animals from getting into the hands of people previously arrested for animal abuse, cruelty, neglect or endangerment, so every person wanting to adopt will be checked through a website called pet-abuse.com. If the person wanting to adopt has a record, they cannot adopt from us.

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Adoption Fees for unneutered animals:

Cats: $75.00
Dogs: $150.00
This fee includes neutering using the vet here. Animals are updated on shots at time of adoption and all cats/kittens are tested for feline leukemia and feline aids.

NNRAC asks those that are adopting an animal to:

Provide the animal with humane care and maintenance in accordance with all current and future state, county and local laws and ordinances where you reside. That you shall provide the proper food, shelter and medical care for your adopted pet. In the event that you can no longer provide the necessities for this pet, we ask you to return the animal to Northern Nevada Regional Animal Center.

Provide the animal with necessary veterinary care upon sickness, disease and injury. You will need to take him or her to the veterinarian once a year for an examination and routine vaccinations and tests, or more often if necessary.

The pet will need to be spayed/neutered, at your expense, if not already done at the time of adoption. Proof will need to be provided of the spay/neuter, from a licensed veterinarian, or you may have to relinquish ownership of the animal to Kukuis Alii for breach of contract. If this occurs, you will not be refunded an adoption fee.

The animal is being adopted solely as a household pet, and in no event shall this animal be resold to any person, broker, breeder, medical institution, research institution, and that in the event that you must ever give up this pet for any reason whatsoever, you shall notify KUKUIS ALII Animal Rescue and return it to them upon request; in no event shall you give this animal away to any person, take it to any animal shelter, any veterinarian for euthanasia or abandon it in any manner or form.

The animal will not be allowed to be used for any medical or experimental purposes.

In the event that you move, or if you have any telephone change for any reason, contact KUKUIS ALII Animal Rescue and notify them of your new address and telephone number.

Agree to notify KUKUIS ALII Animal Rescue immediately if the pet adopted becomes lost and to notify KUKUIS ALII Animal Rescue if the pet dies of any cause, either natural or unnatural.

Agree that if Kukuis Alii Animal Rescue should take any legal action to enforce the adoption agreement whatsoever, the adopter will be responsible for payment of any costs and/or attorney’s fees incurred by Kukuis Alii in enforcing this agreement.

NNRAC Adoption information must be completed before an animal of NNRACcan be adopted. Our goal is to find forever homes for our animals and to avoid the animal being return to the shelter.