Our mission is to create a facility large enough to accommodate animals not just of Lyon County but the surrounding counties as well. We will make every attempt to never turn away any animal. We also wish to incorporate this facility with organizations such as CASA, targeted to assisting abandoned or abused children, providing, not only a type of therapy facility for dogs and cats, but also a place where children are helped to recover some of their ability to bond and improve their self esteem. Northern Nevada Regional Animal Center (NNRAC)'s goal is to create a shelter that helps animals and owners become a good match. We want this center to be for people and pets of the community. Our future expectations include an educational center for pet owners that will help them understand their pets and help eliminate old habits and prevent new ones from forming. Our goal is to have an animal behavior specialist available to make sure that bad behaviors are not repeated with new family members. We want to create forever homes for our animals and reduce the amount of frustration and the number of returned pets to the shelter. We believe this center will have a positive affect on the community as well as all individuals involved.

Adoptable Animals

Snake Safety



Just a reminder about rattle snakes. This time of year warming temperatures are a reptile’s heaven.   Keep your dogs on a leash while walking in the desert or mountain terrains. The snakes could be lying perfectly still, unnoticed, sunning themselves in the warm sand. Unleashed dogs come upon them and this could be a costly mistake. Please keep your pets safe.

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Pet Food

Pet food is usually available at Sutro Elementary School in Dayton, NV, during the monthly family food distribution on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
Please bring containers to use for receiving pet food and taking it home.  (Old pet food bags, any container with a securely fitting lid, and zip lock bags are acceptable . . . plastic grocery bags are NOT.)
If you are ever in an emergency situation and need food for your pet/s before distribution days, here are the contact numbers to find out where and when you can pick up what you need:
For Dayton and surrounding areas:  Debbie Larson -- 775-671-0176
We are working to help you keep your pets during this financially difficult time.
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